Masters and Fitness Swimming in Atlantic Canada

The goal of the Atlantic Masters web page is to promote and aid adult swimming in Atlantic Canada.
Masters swimming is the primary movement promoting adult swimming in Canada.
Please note that Masters refers to age (18 and over) not skill level!

Swim Meets - Open Water - National & Provincial Organizations - NB - NS - PEI

The Atlantic Canada Masters Swim Meet Circuit

For up to date meet informatin please see the meet schedule on

Open Water Swimming

2007 Open Water Events:

  • Circuit de l'Est 2007(Poster)
  • Les deux milles de natation de Tracadie-Sheila results

2006 Open Water Events:

  • Circuit de l'Est 2006 (Poster)

2005 Open Water Events:

National and Provincial Masters Swimming Organizations

Provincial Masters Organizations in Atlantic Canada

The national organization is Masters Swimming Canada (MSC).

New Brunswick Information

For up to date information on Masters Swimming in New Brunswick see Masters Swimming Canada's web site where you will find:

Nova Scotia Clubs

See the Nova Scotia Masters page.

Prince Edward Island Clubs

  • Summerside Masters Swimming Club
    Pool: Summerside Wellness Centre, Notre Dame St.
    Swims: Tues and Thurs 6:00-7:00pm, and Sat 8:30-9:30am
  • Charlottetown Masters
    Pool: Capital Area Recreation Inc pool
    Swims: currently trying to organize


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